Wealth management made simple

At BrightTree, we take the approach that Wealth Management does not have to be complicated although it’s a complicated subject. We work to identify our client’s needs, then develop a plan that could be complicated in scope, but communicated in a manner that’s simple to understand and extremely simple to implement.

In addition, we believe that any strategy that’s implemented must be easy to maintain.  Most complicated strategies end up getting shelved no sooner than they’re implemented due to the many steps clients are required to take to make it work.

Our approach is simple.  We implement a

  • Cash Flow Management System
  • Cash Reserve System
  • Income Generation Strategy

Once the systems are in place we simply review each area on a quarterly basis to ensure clients are on track to achieving their goals.

First Appointment Meeting Checklist

  • 1. List of Colleges (for college planning initial consults only)

    Please bring a list of colleges your student is interested in attending

  • 2. Grades & Scores (for college planning initial consults only)

    Student’s: Current GPA & ACT/SAT Scores

  • 3. Tax Documentation

    Most Recently Filed Federal Income Tax Records & W-2 Forms (Both Student & Parents)

  • 4. Statement of Assets & Liabilities

    In order to review your situation, we will need a copy of the following:

    1. Current Mortgage Information
    2. Current Retirement/Investment Balances
    3. Current Savings & Checking Balances
  • 5. Estate Planning Documentation

    The items will be used to help guide our conversation as it pertain to your current estate plan and will give us ideas on what may need to be changed.

Download complete list here!

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