Investment services we provide

Our 401(k) and other defined benefit plan services are very unique in nature.  When it comes to investing in your plan, how do you know which options to chose?  Today, there are many options but not all of them are right for you.

The service we created is designed to maximize the benefits of investing in your employer’s plan.

The Process

BrightTree’s moto is Dream • Plan • Accomplish. In order to do that we start by completing a goal and needs assessment.

This will entail a detailed discussion on your current financial situation as well get your thoughts, feelings, or concerns regarding what you’d like your future situation to look like.

From there, we move into the list of items below.

  • Risk Assessment

    Perform risk tolerance assessment. This will help determine your appropriate level of risk.

  • Current Portfolio Evaluation

    Assess your current portfolio in accordance with your risk tolerance. This includes looking at all investments and not just the or retirement plan.  Many times, you will find that your level of risk and the level of risk in your portfolios do not match.  You may be invested too high or too low.  Or you could be in situation where the assets in your portfolio will not align with your level of risk.

  • Financial Plan Assessment

    Review your current financial plan to gauge the type of impact your current Retirement plan positions will have on your long-term goals and needs.

  • Management

    • Financial Plan Creation: If you do not have a financial plan, I will create one for you based on your Dream/Plan/Accomplish Assessment.


    • Retirement Blueprint: Complete a blueprint of a recommended portfolio. The blueprint will provide insight as to how the current holdings are performing as well as how new recommendations would have performed over the same period.


    • Retirement Realignment: Make changes to your current account with agreed upon strategies. If changes are made prior to the next quarterly review, you will be notified to log in to view transactions made.  This agreement provides the advisor with discretion over the account.  The advisor will also be provided with updated user names and passwords as needed.


    • Monitoring & Review: Each quarter we will meet in person or by phone and analyze the performance of that account. We will review account performance in relation to your overall financial plan.  If any goals or objectives have changed, then changes will be made accordingly.  Upon retirement, accounts will be rolled over to the GuardianPointe platform and allocated in either models or allocations (discussed in onboard meeting)
To qualify you must have a self-directed option, a minimum account balance of $300,000, and a goal to retire within 5-15 years.

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