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Harold A. Green

Owner & Founder of BrightTree Financial Group

BrightTree Financial

We serve over 400 clients at BrightTree from the Hawaiian Islands to throughout the US. Most of our clients do live on the island of Oahu as it is one of the best places in the world to grow a family.  Although the cost of living is quite expensive, the value of Ohana is priceless.

At BrightTree, our clients are our Ohana and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.


Financial Planning Services - 20+ years
Insights & Strategy - 20+ years
Wealth Management - 20+ years
College Funding & Planning - 12+ years
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Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and we value all that they bring to the table.  We listen.  We understand. We care.  We serve!


All of our clients are important to us regardless of their account size.  Each one is given the same level of respect.


Our systems and platforms are designed to give our clients a bird’s eye view of all that transpires in their accounts and planning.  As a Fiduciary firm, we are required by law to provide planning and advice that is in our client’s absolute best interest and they must be able to audit it.


It’s not what’s done that everyone can see, it’s what’s done when no one is looking.  Integrity is what allows us to truly value the diversity of our clients.  It demands that we respect them.  Which makes them feel celebrated and not tolerated.

Helping Hawaii’s Families For Over 20 Years!